As I have been following Mushaben's blogs about his dog and how he has been in the hospital for 2 months, I thought I would share my story about our little Buddy.  This little dog came into our lives eight years ago, and at first I wasn't sure I was going to like having a pet.

We adopted him from the pound, my husband Brett insisted that the kids needed a pet and a Miniature Dashund was the perfect pet.  I drug my feet on it for about a week and then I went to the pound to meet him.

He was so small in that big kennel and he came right over to the edge when I knelt down and stuck my fingers through the cage.

He licked my fingers and I knew this indeed was the pet for us.

He didn't have a name, so we took a pole to see what we should call him.

Triston (the boy) wanted Oscar, as he is a wiener dog, Bailey (the girl) wanted Noodles, I wanted Jackson and my husband said that we should call him Buddy, because when he first went to see him at the pound, he said come here little buddy and he (Buddy) ran right over.

Well with heavy hearts the other day, we said goodbye to our little Buddy.  He is resting in peace and we are sad, but we are thankful for the time we had and the joy he brought us.

I have learned something from this little dog, pets have nothing but love to give and they know when your sad and they are always there to comfort you.


I love you Buddy and I miss you like crazy.  My kids asked me where Buddy was now, I said honey all Dogs go to Heaven.