Paul Mushaben

Help Us Find These Good Samaritans
Hey, we are looking for the good Samaritans that helped a man with a broken leg around Christmas time. He sat alone out by Sylvan Nursery until some people walking by heard his plea for help. He had suffered a broken femur and did not have his phone. Anyway, he would like to say thank you.
President Will Address Nation Regarding Border Security
The President will address the nation tonight to impress upon us the need for a secure border because of national security. He needs 5 billion. Hey, Jon Tester and fellow Democrats, how were you able to find $150 billion for Iran and its terrorist threat to our nation, but not find $5 billion to help protect our own...
Paul Surprised By Interest In Old Coins
I was surprised how much response we received after my story about the coins on Friday. I was also surprised to find out that they charge you for coin appraisals in Billings. It would seem to me if you want to get people interested in coins, silver and gold you would use that as a way to introduce them to the sport.
What Goes Around
After last year we are now experiencing 40+ degree weather and no one is complaining. Meanwhile in Phoenix and Tucson they had cold and snow, 6 inches in Tucson. Maybe  they will have snowbirds that want to go to Montana for the winter...
Mans Best Friend
The American Kennel Club has just announced their 193rd breed in the roster. It's a fleet footed hound called the Azawakh. It comes from the Sahara Desert region and makes a good hunter and guardian. I prefer Labs, they make good best friends...

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