The theme this week, in the early morning hours, has been the dominant control of the Democratic Party in just about every agency and government branch out there. With that control, America doesn't have a chance under one-party rule. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter which party is in control; it's not good for America.

Every agency, from the FDA to the CIA and FBI, all under the control of the left. The courts, at most levels, education, media, the attorney general's offices, Hollywood. The EPA, the Transportation Department, all controlled by one party. Add now all the executive orders that are being signed, and the average American doesn't stand a chance.

Two new ones yesterday that make it a law that salaried workers get overtime on weeks of over 40 hours and another on non-compete rules no longer allowed. Certainly will be challenged in the courts, but they control them.

Don't kid yourself; they know that more money for people means more tax revenue for the government, and they have bankrupted us into oblivion. The government continues to grow faster than the economy. The government added 71,000 new jobs again last month, more than any other industry.

Every day that you have worked so far this year, your salary has gone to the government. Tax-free day keeps getting later and later each year, around May 20th now. So who are you really working for... Something has to change before it's too late...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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