We got to talking about the cheesesteak sandwiches from the Pickle Barrel in Bozeman. I haven't had one since the Billings location closed, and I'm craving one badly.

Which got me thinking about the other foods that I've asked people to bring back for me. If you grew up in Great Falls, like I did, then you know all about Howard's Pizza and Fluffy Tacos from El Comedor. Tacos don't travel well, but I've had people bring me Howard's Pizzas that were half-baked. And we've got our own Taco Treat here, so we can satisfy that craving whenever we feel like it.

I've seen ads for some pizza joint in Chicago that will ship you one of their famous pies, which got me wondering if any of you have had food delivered from somewhere else.

Other than a box of Omaha Steaks, I can't recall ordering food from someplace outside of town. And while those steaks were pretty good, they weren't as good as most of the places in town that serve steaks.

And even though we have 47 pizza joints in town, I tend to always eat at Godfather's. One large taco pizza to go, please. It was the same when I lived in Missoula. I always got pizza from Zimmerino's. And not Godfather's because I worked there and got plenty of pizza every time that I worked.

Now, I'd drive to the Edgar Bar for the prawns. But wouldn't have them delivered.

And I like to spend my money with local businesses.

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