Local school boards around the country are now becoming hotbeds of confrontation now that the agenda for the education elites have changed. Rather than just educating your children with the skills they need to be a contributor to society, they are trending toward molding the type of individual that fits their particular political mindset. As a result, the country is fighting back. The most contentious issues seem to be critical race theory, transgender issues, social reform etc. Now the real question is, do these really belong in the schools or not? That's where your local school boards come in.

So many times, people go to the board with the intention of getting things changed and are ridiculed and protocoled out of consideration. What other options do people have if their voices won't be heard? Well, the best option is to change board members first, that would help. But I think that these problems are more deeply rooted than that. There is also the state level, which sends out the guidelines and curriculum directions for schools. The people put in those positions also carry the same torch. Those positions are then deeply rooted in the university system that produced that product. In the meantime, we continue to see a poorly educated child that can't graduate with the reading or math levels necessary to become a productive adult. With less than 30% of our graduates able to get into a Montana State College, something has to change. Maybe it starts with your school board. Will your voices be heard? Our kids are worth the fight.

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