Nine year old Aspen Martinez, a student at Big Sky Elementary, was nominated by her third grade teacher for Johnny V's Junior Genius award.

Here's the nomination letter we received:

Aspen is an amazing student. She always has a positive attitude towards her peers and her classwork. She has a true passion for learning and her enthusiasm is contagious to others in our classroom. She has an inquiring mind and an incredible ability to persevere through difficult tasks. She is always concerned for others and works hard to help those in need. She recently organized a charity event in which she collected donations for the Billings Animal Shelter at our school. During an assembly today, the Animal Shelter sent a representative with a furry four-legged friend to accept all of the amazing items collected during the month. It will take multiple trips to transport all of the food, toys, blankets, leashes, cages, etc. that were collected thanks to her hard work. In my opinion, Aspen's character, work ethic, and civic-mindedness make her a perfect candidate for The Jr. Genius award. -Ms. Lesley Sanford, 3rd Grade Teacher at Big Sky Elementary

During a visit to Johnny V's radio show on Cat Country 102.9, Aspen said she hopes to have a career working with animals. "I'll probably be like a vet, or a zookeeper, or something." She currently has one dog named Jax, who is "a terrier of some kind," Aspen said she has previously owned cats, goats, and chickens., "And if you count some of my papas animals, which I sometimes help take care of, his donkeys."

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Towsquare Media

Aspen is the oldest daughter of Seth and Claire Martinez. She has three sisters, Gemma Eve (8), Skylar Jordan (5), and Teegan Claire (3).

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

LISTEN to Aspen co-host the 5 o'clock Stampede with Johnny V:

For her "work-ethic and civic-mindedness," Aspen wins the official Jr. Genius award and t-shirt, gift certificates from Taco Johns, and she'll join us for the end of school year pool party at The Reef.

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