I had a couple of topics that were running through my mind this morning. One was political, but I didn't want to deal with the haters tomorrow. One was electric cars. But instead, today I'm going with bacon.

Let's start with how to cook it. Don't serve me bacon that is undercooked and that I have to squeeze the grease out of with my napkin. Don't burn my bacon. Apparently "crisp" means several different things to different cooks.

As long as I'm picking, I want my bacon cooked somewhere past dripping grease and before it's burned to a prehistoric blackness, please. And make sure it's thick cut and peppered.

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A note to the companies who package bacon. Not all of us are feeding eight kids with your bacon. A smaller package would be nice. I cooked a pound of peppered bacon on my Traeger recently and it was delicious that night when I made BLTs.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

And again the next night when I made bacon cheeseburgers. And then again the next seven days when I had something with bacon. (more on that when I do my cooking for one article)

Bacon wrapped ANYTHING makes for a great meal. My current favorite is bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. If you're as lazy as me and don't want to assemble your own, Albertsons has done the work for us and are priced quite reasonably.

I like bacon in any wrap and on my loaded baked potato, please.

Why did the pig's car smell like bacon? Because somebody left the "porking" break on. Thank you.

2021 Booze & Bacon Festival

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