Special Olympians will be selling raffle tickets at the Mate Show on Saturday. They'll be at the Shiptons booth from noon til two. You might win yourself a brand new Chevy pickup.

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Next Tuesday morning we will be visiting with Dr. Erwin Garcia, our superintendent of Billings Schools. He'll update us on what's new and exciting in our schools.

Think about going out for meals this weekend. With divisional basketball and the Mate Show going on, it's going to be crowded. Can somebody please build some more restaurants in Lockwood for weekend just like this?

I'll pay somebody pretty well if they can get all of the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce stuff off of my Facebook feed.

I'm not necessarily the biggest Nascar fan, but I'll be watching the Daytona Race this weekend alternated with watching Tiger play some golf. The Masters Tournament is only 52 days away. Going to that tournament is on my bucket list.

There's TWO M's in sammich.

Theres not going to be any controversy over our station playing Beyonce's country songs. Local radio isn't the only place to get your music anymore. Just ask your phone to play it. Zach Bryan didn't get much airplay and he was one of the biggest artists of 2023.

Two weeks from today, our radio station turns 36 years old. It's been on my mind a lot lately. There won't be any big celebration by our company because our business is different now. If our original general manager, Keith Tilkens, was still here, things would be a lot different.

Have a great weekend. If you see Paul out and about this weekend, he sure could use a hug. I can always tell.

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