Folks, I am really not looking forward to this fall's Presidential election. There are going to be so many contests and challenges that it will make a mockery of our system.

Look what four rogue judges did in Colorado. They tried to remove the Democrat opponent from the ballot and pick the President.

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We can't trust the press, we can't trust the FBI, we can't trust Governors and Secretaries of the state that make election rules on the fly. What about the CDC if they determine another disease is imminent?

Today, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that you can't remove Donald Trump from the ballot. If that would have been okay, then other states could have removed Biden from their ballots. The court had the vision to know what this would have created but it's not over.

The fight over the mental capacity of the candidates is now an issue. If you want honesty, then have Trump's doctor examine Biden and have Biden's doctor examine Trump and see what happens.

The only way this country will not be torn apart politically this fall is if either Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins in an absolute landslide. If that happens, then even the crookedest of the crooked won't be able to fix it. Anything close and they will challenge the results. Just like Al Gore, John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump all did. Hold on folks, it's going to get ugly, and I look for the Tester vs. Sheehy battle to be just as bad.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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