I don't get asked for a tour of the radio station much anymore, but I used to quite a bit, and I'd tell people ahead of time "It's not very thrilling."

So, here's a photo of my Facebook update. Each morning I scroll miles of the site trying to find the gems. That's been kind of hard lately when most of it is just "virus-virus-virus."

But, this morning I was able to learn about a retiree that listens to us online from Las Vegas, Yellowstone County's burn ban, and a clip of just the guitar from the song "Sultans of Swing" that I'll play tomorrow.

If you like hearing your birthday on the air, you'd better be my Facebook friend.  But, if you invite me to something on here, I'll rarely see it.

Zoom in on my handwriting so that you can feel sorry for whoever gets anything handwritten from me.

And keep forwarding your funny stuff to me. It helps a lot.

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