You may recall a few weeks ago when I told you about the traffic stops they did down in Casper. It really struck the ire of some folks--"Not right", "No search warrants", "Communist" etc. Well, they are doing another one starting today and running thru May 6, according to an article on This time it will be a little different.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will be looking for commercial carrier violations. Yes, the big rigs. The stops will be looking in particular for "hours of service and lighting violations." In the article they included a quote from the Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Administration:

...the light violation "lamps inoperable"...was the number one vehicle violation in fiscal 2020, accounting for approximately 12.24% of all vehicle violations discovered that year.

Now, people who totally are against traffic stops for cars are all for the road being kept safe by really keeping an eye on the truckers. So, the loss of life from an auto death isn't important? We want all the trucks on the road to be 100% legal, no warrants for drivers, no drugs or driving impaired. 100% licensed and insured, but to check on automobile drivers is an intrusion on our rights?! Gimme a break. A law is a law, no matter what you drive.

You can be killed just as easily in a car as you can in a truck, or anything else on the road. What if everyone had to stop at a scale site like the truckers? These violations, with no registration and no insurance, well, drivers would sure get cleaned up in a hurry. We have health inspectors that can make spot checks at restaurants around town to make sure everything is safe and healthy for you. Should we stop those too? Let me know what you think about those infringements on their rights when you get hot flaming diarrhea. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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