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If you listen to our show I'm sure that you've heard some of the posts from "Billings Reckless Drivers" on Facebook. By checking this page often, I have learned that the non-use of vehicle turn signals is a bigger problem than just about anything.

I see turn signal posts all the time. It's many driver's biggest pet peeve. Mine is tailgating. I even have a gauge that I use to determine if you are too close to the back of my vehicle.

If I look in my rearview mirror and I can't see your headlights, boom. Too close. And once you have tested positive for tailgating, my foot comes off the gas pedal and my new "too close" friend begins coasting down the road until they get mad enough to go around while stomping on the gas and occasionally, giving me a piece of their mind.

Another Reckless Drivers post was from a gentleman who had moved here from Washington. He was letting us know that we are the worst drivers that he's ever seen. In addition to our blatant ignorance of turn signals, the cops don't enforce the traffic laws. We routinely go over the speed limit by at least fifteen miles per hour.

I never thought I'd see the day that cops would get called out for NOT handing out speeding tickets. Does this guy want them to write tickets for going 37 mph in a 35 zone? I highly doubt it. Also, I see vehicles pulled over in the Heights on most trips through the Heights.

I've always said that part of the problem is that the driver's test that you have to take is way too easy. But if they changed the test now, people would lose their minds.

Another solution would be to make us take the driving part of the test every time we renew our licenses. Do you want that? Neither do I.

From talking to various politicians through the years, having a driver's license is almost a right as it means freedom to everybody who drives. They usually won't take drivers' licenses away from senior citizens because they are voters.

Lastly, some people just can't drive. No amount of practice or testing will change that. Every person reading this can name a couple of people that you know who shouldn't be driving.

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