What's your nickname? Do you have more than one?

I saw a post n Facebook this morning with somebody wishing her "Aunt Chicken" a happy birthday. And thought to myself, I'd like to know how she got that nickname.

My family was big on nicknames. We had a "Pinky". So named because it was her favorite color when she was growing up.

My little brother was "Lefty". He was the only left-handed person in the history of our family.

My contacts list on my phone includes numbers for "Whitey", "Weasel", "Big R", "4 Wheeler Mike", "Hoff", " and "Piglet".

I also have a couple of nicknames for buddies that aren't suitable for young readers. But, trust me, the nicknames are accurate.

I get "Marky Mark" a lot these days. When I was young, it was "Marcus Welby" after the TV doctor who was on the air at the time. My stepmom thinks that my laugh sounds like Dudley Moore's character in "Arthur", so she's always called me "Dudley".

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One legendary night in high school I and some buddies were out driving around in the middle of the night. And one of the local cops caught me speeding and hit his lights to pull me over. Well, because I had seen too many car chase movies and the fact that I was your typical 18-year-old kid who was bulletproof, I hit the gas and ended up losing him. From then on I was "Wheels".

Credit: Clark Martin Photography / Canva
Credit: Clark Martin Photography / Canva

I know one guy whose nickname is a cuss word. And he answers to it.

And my favorite is some friends of mine who call their little boy "Captain Naughty Pants".

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