When you drive by Metrapark and see that there is no place to park in the upper or lower lots or the carnival grounds and wonder what event is happening, it's Billings Volley Fest. And it's not just at the Metra.

Fourteen of the courts are at Metra but there are also four at MSUB, two at Rocky, three at the YMCA, three at Lockwood, three at Shepherd, and three at Eagle Seeker Community Center. They have 244 teams to accommodate.

If you're going to the games, get the FASTPASS. It's the fastest way to get into the gyms. At the Metra, there will be a line just for FASTPASS holders who can self-check-in and get their wristbands.

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If you've got a kid playing and you can't go watch, the games are going to be shown on Baller TV. Which is a nice option if sitting in a gym for 12 hours isn't your thing.

Scheels is supplying every player with a gift for this event.

Buffalo Wild Wings is also chipping in. Again this year they're supplying officials and tournament staff with wings all day Sunday. I hope that Hankster, the talking buffalo from their TV commercial, delivers those. He's one of my favorite spokesmen.

Now for folks not attending the games, remember how busy all of the Heights restaurants are going to be. If Saturday night is your "going out to dinner" night, make sure that you have a plan that doesn't include a long line.

If you are going to the games, check out some of those 18 Club and 18 Open games. Some of these gals are going to college on volleyball scholarships and the games are pretty fun to watch.

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