Rather than dazzle you with political insight or impress you with my research ability, I will instead spend my 250 words on tomatoes.

I don't "HATE" hate them. I just don't want them on my sandwiches. I think you should have to ask for them. In fact, the expression that I've probably used in restaurants is "no tomato, please," followed closely by "no mayo, please."

Those tomato slices are huge. That's wrong. As Bobby Flay says, "It shouldn't be the star of the dish." In most places, tomato slices are monstrous.

Now I'm not 100% anti-tomato. I make a formidable BLT: thick-cut pepper bacon, very light mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. Tomatoes that are cut so thin that you can read the newspaper through them. The bacon is the star of the dish. You're welcome.

Also, at Mark's restaurant, we won't be serving cherry tomatoes on our salads... unless you request them. Less waste, happy customers.

"Well, you know that tomatoes are what ketchup is made out of and you like that." Partially true. But sugar is added. Don't argue with a picky eater.

I Googled the percentage of Americans who don't like tomatoes. My first response was "America's least favorite vegetable." Just as I suspected.

Tomatoes on tacos. OK. If they are finely chopped.

And the southern favorite where the tomato is salted and eaten like barbarians did. I'm gonna pass.

Tomatoes come in red, yellow, green, pink, purple, black, or even white. And you guys can have all of mine.

Burger Toppings - Other Than Lettuce + Tomato

The hamburger is probably one of America's favorite foods. And while you can eat them plain, most people add toppings to theirs to make them even more delicious. Besides the condiments (i.e. ketchup, mustard, maybe mayonnaise and barbecue sauce), the standard toppings usually include some combination of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. Those standard toppings represent the majority of burgers that get made and eaten. However, some people look for other toppings to take their burgers "over-the-top". Read on for some ideas you might not have thought of before.

Gallery Credit: Steve Tanko

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