What is going on here? Isn't this the people's house? Isn't this the government for the people and by the people?

They announced the debates yesterday between Biden and Trump. First, they will only be held with the left-leaning networks with their moderators. While the other is talking, the mic will be muted on the opponent. No audience will be able to be there. That's not a debate...

Same in Montana; they scheduled the first debate between Tester and Sheehy for June 9th at Fairmont Hot Springs. First of all, how do they know who won the primary? Shouldn't we wait to announce till at least after the primary?

It's going to be put on by the Montana Broadcasters. The moderator will be the head of a local group here in town. Once again, no people will be allowed to attend.

Why? This is terrible. That's what debates are supposed to be about. Let the audience put some heat on them. We want our candidates to feel the pressure and be good on their feet. It's like a sporting event where the opposing sides try to outdo each other. If a candidate says something that the audience doesn't agree with, they will find out immediately. Isn't that what they are trying to do? Give their positions on different issues and get the most people to agree with them to WIN.

What's next? Not letting people vote either, just certain groups? Dumb format... You blew what could have been really good.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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