According to Accuweather, the snowiest 48-hour period in Billings recorded weather history happened in the month of April. Almost 40 inches of snow engulfed Yellowstone County from April 3 through April 4, 1955.

Spring in Montana can give us a sunny day in the upper 70's, immediately followed by a winter weather advisory, but on average there are only about 5 days in April with any traceable snowfall. And according to Weather Atlas, we "typically" accumulate 2.91 inches of total snow during the entire month of April.

Since they began taking records back in 1934, the highest one day snowfall total in Billings happened on April 4, 1955. That's when 23.7 inches of snow was recorded in a 24-hour period, according to the National Weather Service.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

April is the third "wettest" month for Billings, followed only by May and June, with 16.4 "rainfall days" and 1.93 inches of total accumulation on average.

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While historically there is still a chance of a big snowfall coming for Yellowstone County, the current 30-day Accuweather forecast for Billings looks like temperatures are going to be too warm for accumulating snow. Current forecast predicts high temperatures will get into the upper 70's during the first weekend of April

While the current Billings forecast for the last week of March doesn't predict any record breaking snowfall, there is a Winter Weather Advisory for the Pryor and northern Big Horn mountains through Friday (3/26), where up to 10 inches is possible.

Strong winds may be the big story in Billings beginning Sunday night (3/28), when the National Weather Service says 60 mph wind gusts are possible, and will bring a cold front that will "cause elevated fire weather concerns."

For more information from the National Weather Service about the Hazardous Weather Outlook for Billings, CLICK HERE.

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