Billings Police announced on Wednesday (10/21) that an FBI tip was received about a shooting to take place this Monday at Billings West High School, but after investigating have determined the threat is "low."

According to the press release, BPD and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are actively looking into any information received about the potential shooting, but the "threat remains anonymous, uncorroborated, and so far has lacked credibility to indicate an imminent threat."

Over the past two days, Billings Police and FBI agents have been "unable to develop actionable leads," but said they would continue their investigation through the weekend.

At this time, a threat assessment leads us to believe the threat credibility is low. Despite a low threat assessment, a threat in fact was made none the less and we have prepared a plan of action. The BPD has coordinated with SD2 to strategically increase Law Enforcement Resources in and around facilities in the event the assessment is incorrect. -Lieutenant Brandon Wooley, Billings Police Department

Billings Police believes their planned response to deter and prevent a shooting is "appropriate and adequate," according to the press release. BPD also asked for the public to "remain calm, thoughtful, and follow additional directives from SD2 officials."

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