To keep fans updated on the progress of his next album release, Brad Paisley will be posting weekly videos of his time in the studio, where he’s hard at work on new music. This week, you can see exactly how much work country star puts into his records as he throws down vocal tracks, talks with his producers and goes hand-in-hand with session players.

This is the first week — at least, video wise — of what is sure to be a long recording process. In addition to seeing how many people it takes to put together a hit record, fans will learn that Paisley doesn’t want his album to be over-produced.

“When there’s a drum part that’s not quite right, but it has vibe, typically we would say, well, Bryan will clean all this up and he’ll put a line of every bass with every kick. And every snare will be in the right spot,” Paisley says, speaking to the people in the studio with him. “Any snare that hit side stick and it wasn’t quite [right], he’ll change that. But I don’t want any of that.”

From the looks of this first behind-the-scenes video, Paisley’s new album will be very organic. We can’t wait to catch a first listen.

Watch Brad Paisley in the Studio

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