"You guys work at the top of a tall building and you must have great views." We do have great view of anything north of us. But inside our ultra luxurious studio, you'll find things like CD storage. I know, impressive.

We don't play a lot of stuff from compact disc these days, but every so often I need something that's not in our computer, and this is my backup music library.

These are all from before we had internet or computers. I'd hit Rockin Rudys in Missoula every time I went through there and found many of these gems there in the discount bin.

Four different Tom T. Hall albums? Got em. How about some Dick Feller? You bet. Gail Davies? Yep.

Other gems in there are "The Dukes Of Hazzard Album" featuring dialogue from BOTH Sheriff Roscoe and Boss Hogg.

Don't be jealous.

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