Let's talk about our old cars. Spoiler alert first. Next Wednesday is the 40th anniversary of when I bought my 1968 Impala Super Sport. So that day I'll give you details about my love/hate relationship with that car.

I bring this up because tonight it's time once again to "Burn The Point." This is a fundraiser for the Chase Hawks Community Crisis Fund.

I'm thinking about joining the parade tonight. If you've got a vehicle to show off, please join us. Come on down to the corner of third avenue north and thirteenth street starting at 5. Somebody will come around and collect your 10 bucks and get you registered. Then the parade starts at 6:30. And organizers are asking people to please not bring any dogs to the event.

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For some, tonight's parade will take them back in time to when kids really did burn the point. Some of those may even be doing it in the same cars that they drove back in the day.

And those of us who have an old car, we love to talk about them. That's why I'm writing this today. Tell me about your car and what category yours falls in. Here are your choices.

1. We had one just like it when we met.

2. I always wanted one of these.

3. I decided to fix up a car that I've had for a long time.

4. My wife wanted one of these and I wanted to stay married, so here we are.

I'm looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing the pictures of what you've got hidden in your garage.

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