On my way back from my Christmas vacation in California I had to make a stopover the evening of December 30th in Las Vegas. As you may be aware, New Year's Eve in Las Vegas is insanity. They block off the strip from Mandalay Bay to the Riviera and everyone is partying in the street. Fortunately for me I was able to avoid the nut jobs, pick pockets and drunks as I flew home to Billings on Tuesday afternoon. At the airport, on my way to my terminal, I did spot someone who was in full ready to party mode and he was kind enough to let me take a picture of his hair for this blog. On the other side he had written "Happy New Year" as you might expect.

If his current career path doesn't work out I'll be there are casino's and bars that would happily advertise their services on either side of his hair for a pretty penny if he promises to walk the strip all day and night. If I had hair I'd do it for free beer!

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