Chris Janson's song "Drunk Girl" deals with an extremely sensitive topic and the video even comes with a warning that some audiences may be uncomfortable with the images that are depicted.  To that, I say great!  We need to be uncomfortable about this topic and as a person raising a little girl, I hope that the parents of young boys are teaching them some important life lessons about morality.

One of the big things to note is that there is sometimes a difference between illegal and immoral.  A person can take advantage of someone after they've had too many drinks and do so without breaking any laws.  I'm talking about a situation with two consenting adults in which one of them has chosen to imbibe enough alcohol to not make the best decisions.  Not drugged, not unconscious...not anything else that would make it a sexual assault case; just taking advantage of someone when their inhibitions are down and they're not thinking clearly.  That may not be illegal in most circumstances, but it definitely says a lot about the character of the person who is taking advantage of a stranger, or perhaps worse, someone they trust.

The girl in the video is about the age of my daughter, so it definitely hit home for me.  Thank God I'm still a few years away from having to warn her about this sort of thing.

One last thing since to mention since I know that someone will say "adults are responsible for their own actions and they need to just not get so drunk they act stupid."  I do agree with that.  I will teach my daughter that very thing in fact; however, we all make mistakes and it would be great to think that there are still good men out there who aren't waiting to take advantage of those mistakes.

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