Before the flaming starts I should acknowledge that I'm aware there is an obesity problem in the U.S. and that our children are greatly affected by this.  That is truth, and I get it.  BUT, this kind of stuff doesn't seem like the solution.

Starting today, many McDonald's began replacing french fries in Happy Meals with cucumber sticks.  I suppose that's one way to address childhood obesity.  Another way might be to limit your kid's intake of fast food in the first place.  I would bet that I have had less than a dozen happy meals in my life.  They were a treat.  Any fast food was an occasional treat....maybe once a month.  I know people work now, but they worked then too.  My mom put in a lot of hours when I was growing up, but managed to have food at home.  Not every night was dinner at the table.  We had plenty of sandwich nights, but more often than not there was at least something in a crock pot.

I assume that at some point McDonald's will replace the cheeseburger with a head of cabbage or something.

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