It's time for my weekly cattle photo. This one reminded me of when our kids were young and it was bath time. They start out in the sink then you move them up to the tub. By the time they were old enough to bathe on their own, it was a battle to get them to bathe.Then, as they moved into their later teen years, you couldn't get them out of the shower. I had an 82-gallon water heater so there would be some left for Dad.

Pictures like this make me love cows though because they are such good mothers. Never losing track of where their kids are and always putting them first. Sure, there are other things that she would like to be doing, but she made the commitment to have kids and she is going to see it through. It seems like the calves that do the best are the ones that have a loving mother. She tends to them day and night until they are able to make it on their own and then realizes its time for them to fend for themselves. Hoping that they remember all the things that she has taught them. It's a sad time for the cow but her days are numbered like all of ours, and they hope that they take what they have learned and put it to good use. We could all learn a lot from some good cows. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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