Family back in Indiana asked me if life in Montana was like it's portrayed on the TV series Yellowstone. So, I tried to catch an episode this past week. I could only make it about 20 minutes into the show when it was obvious the only thing real was the scenery and names of the towns they were in. Everyone is on meth, missing teeth, covered in sores and there's a lot of gun play and domestic violence going on. And that's just the way of life out on the Dutton family ranch near Livingston.

Not even close to real life. I asked an actual farmer that some of you may know and he also noticed a calving scene that was completely fiction. So this won't be a series I'll be binge watching.

Since Netflix arrived, there have been some TV shows that have hooked me. You know how it goes. You'll just watch the pilot. And then you want to find out what happens next so you watch just one more. Ok, I'll watch the next one and then stop. That was the FIRST time I binged watched Breaking Bad. I've also been through The Office, The Shield, and Stranger Things more than once too.

With the TV series "Friends" having it's 25th anniversary coming up, a cable company is offering $1,000 to one fan who agrees to continuously binge watch 25 hours of the series. If you REALLY want to see if they're a fan, make them binge watch ALL 238 episodes of Joey, Rachael, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica. It would only take them a week. If they watched 12 hours a day.

If you had to binge watch one TV show over and over and over, what series would it be?

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