People come and go in our lifetime. Some stick around for a long time and others fade from our lives throughout the years. It's very rare to find a true friend, let alone two or three friends that you can call family. Old friends are like your favorite pair of shoes that are broken in and comfortable, and yes, sometimes a little ratty.

I have known Mark Wilson and Jim Diamond (many listeners may remember Jim from when he was on Cat Country several years ago) for a long time. The three of us met when we were young, bright-eyed DJ's and had the pleasure of working together for five years or so. Over the years we have shared a great bond of love and friendship through good times and sad times. We got together last night for dinner as Jim (who lives in Spokane) was in Montana (Columbus) seeing family. They are going through a very tough time right now. Though we don't get to hang out and see each other much, it was like no time had passed as we walked down memory lane, shared new stories and laughed.

To all of us that are lucky enough to have those special people in our lives that helped us become who we are, and we know we can always lean on, we are the luckiest people in the world.

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