There aren't many folks I'd help move anymore. But if you own a pickup and, God forbid, a trailer, you will, at some point, get asked to help somebody move.

When we were younger, we all needed to save money any way we could. And a lot of us moved quite often. So, we felt obligated to help those who helped us.

So I made some "Moving Day Rules."

1. Recruit enough help. And the more, the merrier. In addition, make sure to have enough strong people to move the big furniture.

2. I'm the boss. I assign positions. I decide who's gonna make the pizza run, who will be in the truck doing the stacking/loading.

3. BE. PACKED. COMPLETELY! Did you forget that we were moving everything that you've ever owned today?! I CAN take my pickup and leave. But I usually don't.

What are some of your "Moving Rules"?

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