Today's blog is unusual for me because I hate blogging about politics. But, my Ring doorbell purchased at Costco post turned political yesterday.

Apparently, Costco donated to the Democrats. While this has nothing to do with where I spend my money, I thought I'd look up political affiliations of companies that I DO spend money with.

Apparently, Amazon donates to both parties but more to the Democrats. But, I don't use Amazon Prime because of their politics. I use them because I can go click-click-click and something that I need shows up on my front step. (I know this because I have a Ring Doorbell)

Apple gives 95% Democrats. So, they get some of my iPhone payment each month. But I didn't buy it because of political reasons. I just like iPhones. (My iPhone has the Ring Doorbell App.)

Looking at my top expenditures, I see a trend. My mortgages have been through Altana Federal Credit Union. Not because of politics but, because I have friends that work there.

It's the same reason I go to Albertson's, Trackside Autobody, get my power from Yellowstone Valley Electric, eat at Taco John's, eat at Jake's, eat at Rib & Chop House and get my insurance through State Farm.

The only political purchase related decision I can think of is that I won't buy Nike products anymore because of their support of a guy who quit his $12 million-a-year job to protest about being oppressed.

Tim and Mike are a couple of friends of mine who have been my friends for more than 30 years. Both are Democrats and it's got nothing to do with our friendship.

Gotta run. I'm headed to Costco for some more jerky.


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