The Montana Department of Justice has released dramatic dashcam video taken just moments after a DNRC helicopter crash that occurred last week.

According to the MT DOJ press release, dashcam video was from the vehicle of MHP Trooper Amanda Villa, who was in the Townsend area supporting fire crews, and conducting a roadblock when she witnessed the helicopter crash on Highway 12.

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After arriving near the crash scene, Trooper Villa and a deputy from the Broadwater County Sheriff's Office rushed to render aid to those injured in the DNRC helicopter crash. According to the report, one of the five passengers on board the helicopter escaped the wreckage and informed Villa of the other four still on board.


In the video, you can see Trooper Villa and the Broadwater Co. Sheriff deputy rushing to help the remaining passengers to safety.

According to the press release, everyone on board the DNRC helicopter "were released from the hospital that day after being assessed and cleared by medical professionals."

The DNRC helicopter crew released the following statement about the rescue:

The Last Chance Helitack crew would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Highway Patrol Trooper Amanda Villa for coming to our aid during the helicopter accident last week. Not many people would run towards a fire to ensure other people’s safety, but Trooper Villa didn’t hesitate when she saw that members of our crew were still inside and potentially in danger. We feel safer knowing that there are people like Amanda Villa out there ready and willing to help people at a moment’s notice. Thank you, Trooper Villa.

According to the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, the helicopter crash was caused by adverse winds near Townsend, where DNRC crews were battling wildfires.

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