Recently I flew on Delta Airlines from Billings to Salt Lake City. I fly Delta often to visit family. Normally when their in-flight drink and snack service comes along they just give you pretzels with your drink. I don't know about you but crunchy pretzels leave me a little dry. I like the big chewy New York style pretzels but that is not what they are serving.

Delta has other snacks but you have to ask for them specifically. Every time they attempt to hand me their dry pretzels I hand them back and say "do you have any cookies?" Any veteran of flying Delta knows what I'm talking about. They have a limited supply of the most delectable ginger cookies known to man. They are soooo tasty! But they will never just hand them to you... you have to ask. What's funny is they hand them to you on the down low as if a street corner deal for a controlled substance were going down. My guess is they've been instructed to do so because if everyone on every flight knew they had these cookies they'd be stuck with a boatload of pretzels.

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