A few years ago when the idea of body cameras for Billings police came up and there was little enthusiasm for the idea, we were all for it. With the call for police reform and accountability, it makes more sense now than ever.

This morning we saw in the Billings Gazette that Phillips 66 gave a donation of $50,000  to the Billings Police Department for cameras. We are all in. This morning Mark and I contributed $5,000 to the cause through our Flakesgiving Fund. We are asking anyone else who can help to contribute to the cause. Other cities are cutting their police and budgets and we want to give ours all the tools necessary to be the best they can be. It's better for the taxpayer, the police, the victim of a crime, and also the person being arrested for his or her protection as well. We can do this. The total cost of the cameras is $131,000. I know we can help at least with some of that initial cost. We will publicly acknowledge anyone who wants to make this a better safer community, so let us know. We'll be back tomorrow at 5. Let's roll.

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