First of all, thank you for contributing to our radiothon to help St. Vicent's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. We raised $99,210 and donations are still coming in.

  • I surprised myself with how much I know about Charles M. Russell.
  • Classic rockers Foreigner announced a June 30th show at Metra this week. I had to look it to see if any country acts had done one of their songs. Sure enough, Kenny Chesney did, "I Want To Know What Love Is."
  • A few of our listeners were surprised to learn that I have a workbench at my house. Funny.
  • On YouTube I saw a clip of a Brad Paisley concert where he brought a six-year-old on stage to play drums on the Van Halen classic, "Hot For Teacher." And he was good.
  • Fabrications Unlimited is hiring folks. They do kitchen remodels. They will train you and starting pay is $20.00 an hour.
  • Who do we talk to in order to be done changing our clocks twice a year? Springing forward is getting a little harder every year that I get older. And I don't know one single person who thinks that we still need to do this.
  • People my age keep an eye on their wealth. Retirement is coming at some point over the next ten years so I like to know where I stand. But this week I've begun including my assorted gift cards as part of my overall wealth.
  • Theoretically, I could eat every meal out in a restaurant for weeks. Then, I could go on a heck of a shopping spree and not spend a penny of my own money. Being rich feels good.

And finally, Hornady Zombie ammunition because what if The Walking Dead really happens? I'll be ready.

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