Ahhh...memories of childhood.  I recall the days of playing in the basement with my "Six Million Dollar Man" action figure, all the while being envious of my little sis baking things up in her "Easy Bake Oven".  Well, times are a changin'.  Apparently the U.S. government’s mandate to eliminate 100-watt incandescent light bulbs has claimed an innocent victim – the light bulb powered Hasbro Easy-Bake Oven.

Hasbro will replace their old-fashioned Easy-Bake Ovens with a new $50 version with an actual heating element.  From now on, if you want your child to know the joys of baking a cake with nothing more than a pouch of powder, a couple of teaspoons of water and a lamp shaped like a microwave, you’ll have to go to eBay.  Original Easy-Bake ovens, some still in their original boxes, are selling there for around $10 to $30.

So what are some other things from your childhood that have gone bye-bye?  I can recall the first time I played the video game "Pong", and I certainly am grateful computers have advanced (just a little bit).  Feel free to comment below on what you miss from growing up.