So have you still got some of your grown kids' toys around your house somewhere?

We got to talking about toys this morning. Paul still has a big container of Legos in his basement.

I've still got a couple dozen of my Hot Wheels cars from my childhood. Looking back, I just kept the one that didn't get too scratched up from crashing them into other toy cars at the bottom of the steps at Tigger Faylor's house. Between the two of us, we had enough track to make it from the door to the basement floor.

Boy looks at shelves with toys in shop
Pavel Losevsky

As I recall, I was going to start a big collection of Hot Wheels. But I soon learned that about a million guys beat me to it. And old Hot Wheels are expensive. And I'm ready to start getting rid of more stuff rather than collecting more.

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One of the few things that I wanted when my dad passed away was his BB gun. He got it for Christmas when he was seven. That was back when you could buy your kid a gun as a gift and nobody thought you were a bad parent.

My daughter is almost 16. And I've been holding on to her karaoke set up thinking that I might get another concert in the basement. We haven't had one of those since she got her car keys.

Mark Wilson and his daughter
Credit: Mark Wilson

And I've got a portable basketball hoop that I'll give away. It hasn't seen any action in a couple of summers. And there are some kids that would get more use out of it.

Basketball Hoop
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

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