I don’t know how it is around your house, but at the Farmer’s house nothing ever leaves. Stuff that is. On the “Maybe It’s Nashville” segment this morning, we mentioned this being the anniversary of the video game “Guitar Hero”. Paul brought up that he still has his guitar hero gear – which led to him revealing that he still has a lot of stuff at his place.

In fact, Paul said that stuff seems to come into his place, but stuff never leaves. Whether it’s clothes, a coffee maker, glasses – things come into the house but they never leave.

He proved the point when he was talking about watching a movie downstairs the other night. Apparently they have a old foot stool that you can drag around from chair to couch. You know the type. The top is perfectly molded to the shape of your foot.

Well the other night while watching this movie, Paul pulled up the foot stool and did the unthinkable – he actually opened the top to see what was stuffed inside the “secret compartment”…guess what he found?

As Paul tells it, “several thousand” Beanie Babies…now somehow I doubt there were a thousand in that little foot stool, but the point is, they had been in there for over 10 years!

How about you – are you a “collector”? Have a hard time getting rid of things like Paul? Let us know. Flakes@CatCountry1029.com

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