Quit sending me junk mail. I opened the mailbox yesterday, and it was full of flyers and catalogs. Hey Territory Ahead, the last shirt I bought from you was 10 years ago. you can bombard somebody else with your ads. And thanks for selling my address to Cobalt Something or other. Not buying from them either.

Then the single sheet ads. Buy one get one. Major savings on a certain day during certain hours.

I eat lunch and dinner at four different restaurants. That's it. So unless I get invited to Sheryl Crow night at the Rib & Chop house, don't bother contacting me. But, should that ever happen, I'll have the famous filet with the loaded baked potato and the gumbo.

Working in advertising for over forty years, I don't see the appeal of flyers as advertising anyway. What percentage of people throw them in the garbage without even looking at them? I know that I do.

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So for all of you politicians who are screaming about climate change, you don't have to send me anything political. I have the advantage of already knowing how I will vote for every candidate and issue.

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At least with e-mails, you can take the time to go in and unsubscribe from the ones that you don't want to hear from. Like I need to do today. I ordered pizza online last week. So, now I get one to two e-mails a day from them. And while it's great that with my rewards I'm sixty percent there on my way to getting a free medium pizza, I'm still not interested.

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