Technology in farming and agriculture, in general, is changing so fast, it's leaving me behind.

A few years ago I added GPS and autosteer technology to my tractor. I never thought I would like it; you know how I like to be in control. Now that I have it, I wish I would have had it 10 years ago. The efficiency and cost-saving from overlap are realized immediately. The thing about it is, my stuff is considered antique compared to today's machinery.

Watch Paul on his tractor:

When you think of having to get up at four in the morning and putting your team of horses together for the day, it is amazing. I don't know how they did it. Plow until noon, unhitch the horses, feed and water them. Then get your second team ready, plow until dark, unhitch, feed and water. Then you go to bed get up the next day at four and start all over again. They would plow until June then quit and start putting up hay for the cows and horses. Do that every day until the end of July, then start the harvest. That would last till September. When they were done, they would start seeding with horses, a disc, and drill, and do that until October. Then haul their wheat in with horses and wagons until the snow flies. Every day from sun up until sundown. Most of them never saw their 50th birthday.

Can you imagine now bringing them back and putting them on today's machinery that cost more than the U.S. paid for the Virgin Islands? Farming has really changed and advanced in the last 100 years and it's a good thing since there are less than a million of us left. Who's going to do it down the road is something we are all wondering. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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