If I told you that you had to walk around every day carring and extra 50 pounds, would you?  Or would you tell me I'm crazy?

That is exactly what I have been doing for several years.

In June I made the choice to take control of my weight.

I called Billings Last Diet and started on their four phase weight loss program.

Since then I've lost 50 pounds and 281/4 inches, and it's all thanks to Dr. Williams and his staff at Billings Last Diet.

Once I learned the science behind this program and how iit works to lose the weight, maintain the weight loss and keep it off for a lifetime.

I'm very excited about my transformation and will have a before and after photo coming soon.

Getting healthy was a top priority for me because I knew that my weight was starting to cause some health issues.

I want to be around for my kids, Triston and Bailey and watch them graduate, get married and have kids.

The track I was on there was no guarantee that I would be healthy enough in the next 5 or 10 years.

Making that call was the best desission I've made for myself in the last 5 years.

One of the greatest things about this plan is that I'm not doing this on my own.

I have a dedicated diet coach who is there to help me every inch and purnd of the way.

Jen is so much more that just the person who weighs me each week and measures me,  she truely cares about my journey and how each week is going and advises me and encourages me to stay on track and keep my eye on my weight loss goal

And I am so close to getting to my goal.

I feel amazing, I'm sleeping better at night, my kneesand back don't hurt like they used to and I jus feel better about myself.

Don't wait any long, make the call that will change your life.

Make tthe call to Billings Last Diet or go to billingslastdiet.com and sign up for one of their free informaitonal sessions.

Billings Last Diet will be your last diet, because it's built for a lifetime. .


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