Here's what you missed this week:

  • We have a new "smart device" in the Cat studio that can find any song. Just say "Hey, MARKSA" and ask for your tune.
  • During our "JD" game this week, we got a whole bunch of folks guess "Jeffery Dahmer" while only getting two guesses for "John Denver."
  • We solved the mystery behind the declining number of entries in Butte's Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade (changes to their open container law).
  • The dry rub "Jamaican" wings at the Black Bunker Bar & Grill are fabulous.
  • I just learned of a song by Grandpa Jones called "Daylight Savings Time."
  • Set your clocks forward this weekend.
  • Paul & I will emcee this weekend's Yellowstone County Spelling Bee for our 20th year in a row.
  • We get frequent calls about Mark's diet. But apparently, nobody want's to be on Paul's "Stress & Calving" diet.
  • It looks like we will announce another school that wants a metal detector, which we will buy for them.
  • And the biggest news of the week, Paul's "Butt Monkey" got himself a snow blower!



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