Holiday observations and surprises.

Have any of you noticed how much of an emotional roller coaster the holidays are? I have.

I was in my kitchen on Friday night getting some bacon ready when my daughter Maddy got home from Costco and said, "SURPRISE" and walked in with a big cheesecake. A pleasant surprise.

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Then, 5 seconds later my son Jake and his wife walked in and said, "SURPRISE." I was a puddle. It was truly a wonderful surprise because they had not been back to the ranch for quite some time. It was the best gift a dad could ever have when his kids come back home.

We were able to have some great times together and did a lot of ranch stuff. They said it was real therapy away from the stress that the medical field can bring: fresh air, beautiful country, lots of sun, and freedom to do whatever.

Hard to say goodbye.

Then yesterday rolled around and it was time to say goodbye and get everyone to the airport. In the blink of an eye, I went from joy to depression just knowing it would probably be a while before that happens again. I started tearing the tree down and cleaning up to keep my mind occupied.

Holidays can be rewarding and tough at the same time. However, I truly have been blessed and so many others have it way worse. It was almost selfish of me to feel sorry for myself so I finally kicked my own ass and told myself to straighten up. It worked and now I'm focused again.

Happy New Year and we'll see you tomorrow at 5.

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