A plethora of political heat this week in Farmer Finishers.

The voters in Billings sent a resounding NO to School District 2 on their safety levy. There were a couple of roadblocks that prevented its passing, but property tax exhaustion is the main culprit.

By the way, today the ballots are being sent out for the June primary. We now have a voting month and not a voting day anymore, but check the boxes and send them in. You will be voting for the Governor as well, and we will have one of the candidates on the Republican primary ticket on next week for you.

I've been ripping Witchface this week on the air for the hate she reveals towards anyone who has decided to move to Montana and buy a home, start a business and family, or even start farming and ranching. Even her own buddy Tester's ancestors came from another state. I guess she really hates their hero Mike Mansfield who was born in New York or what about Dennis Washington and what he's done for the state?

I keep inviting these people in and they won't come. Why wouldn't they? They know they already have the voters in Missoula, so why not go to an area where you need to convince people to vote for you? I don't get it. Leading democrats will always go on left-leaning media outlets, just like republicans will always go on right-leaning media outlets when all of those people support them already. You have to make headway with all the others in order to win. That's where the undecided voters are. Oh well...

Happy Mother's Day, moms, you're the best, and we'll see you back here Monday at 5.

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