Well, at least our week was eventful.

I had some water creeping across my counter and under my computer when it rained so hard Tuesday night. I've been told that it's fixed. It actually might be. When it doesn't rain outside, it doesn't rain inside anymore.

There's now a dry-erase board paint. You just paint your wall, and it works just like a dry-erase board.

The Squire Lounge & Patio is hosting a fundraiser on June 7th. Your 50 bucks get you a drink, a meal voucher, your very own Bingo dobber, and a seat. All proceeds go to The Boys & Girls Club Of Yellowstone County.

We got our first country AI song this week from Randy Travis. I think that this AI stuff is gonna stir up the music business.

Also in country music, George Strait has recorded another album that should be out very soon. I never get tired of his music.

A shoutout to the community members who came together at the Rhodeside Event Center this week to raise $20,000.00 for the Weigum family who lost everything in a house fire.

But the most posted-about event this week was of all the motorists stuck on Bozeman Hill with traffic stopped both ways. Some people were stuck there for 10 hours. I've been stuck for that long, but it was in a cushy hotel with a bar.

It was nice to see people who live along there offering use of their campers for the night. And the story of a guy on a snowmobile who took some baby formula to a mom stuck on a bus.

There are still a few good guys where we live.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday at 5.

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