In case you haven't heard, Bill Dutcher is stepping down after forty years of working at MetraPark. We've been lucky to know him.

Cat Country's relationship with Metra goes back to when we started in March of 1988. If you are in the business of promoting trade shows, athletic events, and country music concerts, then you are going to get to know your event staff well. We have done just that.

From our perspective, as an emcee, you spend quite a bit of time standing around backstage. By the time that it's time for the concert to start, guys like Bill Dutcher have already done all that they can do to make it a great event. This gives us a chance to chat and get some behind-the-scenes stories on that night's entertainment and so forth.

Bill has been so upbeat and great to work with. When we had to reconfigure last year's Flakesgiving into a "stay in your vehicle" event, Bill, along with Ray Massie, were quick to help us figure out how to get it done.

Working at a county taxpayer event center can be challenging because you have to try to keep taxpayers as well as vendors happy. And this administration has done both very well for a long time.

We also share with Bill Dutcher many great memories of Bill Chiesa. Bill was the manager of MetraPark when we started and extremely instrumental in helping us present the country concerts at Metra back when all of the acts had to do two shows each night. I recall emceeing both performances by Alabama one night and Mr. Chiesa and I sat through both sets just being wowed by how good they were.

Since Bill Dutcher stepped in, the operation has run quite smoothly. Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Dutcher. You've certainly put your time in.

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