Whenever we hire somebody new to be on the air here at The Cat, I always ask them to come to the control room and point out what they think is the most important piece of equipment. Some pick the microphone. Others choose the computer. And both are wrong. It's the telephone.

The telephone connects us to the listener. even though technology has made it even easier to communicate with us via Messenger, e-mails, and messages on the app, the telephone is still the best way. Not everybody is on any form of social media. Everybody has a phone, or access to one.

That's why it's felt weird here at work last week with our phone system being down. We get a fairly high volume of phone calls every day, so it's been really quiet in here. I'd offer some advice to our engineer, but since I can barely run my smartphone, I'll stay out of his way.

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So if you tried to get ahold of us last week, we apologize. We got our best man on it (We only have one, but he's really good) and the phones are back to work.

Tonight is stop number two to get signed up to win the Flakes Trip. We will be at Casino 8 on the west end tonight from 5-7. Remember that you only have to sign up one time to be eligible to win it. Hope to see you there!

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