Since smart speakers are making their way into more and more households, I thought I'd share my opinion on an Alexa skill that is actually pretty useful and cool for kids.  Kids (and adults) are supposed to spend a full two minutes brushing, but unless you hover over them, there's a chance they're not getting close to that mark.

This skill, known as Chompers, is basically a two minute kid-friendly podcast designed to be listened to while brushing.  It will give them a basic instruction e.g. "little circles on your top teeth" and then distract them with some jokes, riddles or trivia all the while having them change their brushing tasks.

My kid loves this thing and if it saves me a few thousand dollars in dental work down the road, I'm all for it.  Tell Alexa to Start Chompers and try it out.

If you're new to the smart speaker scene, I can tell you that unless you get some specific tasks that are actually useful or enjoyable, you'll just have another dusty piece of tech in the house.  There's only so much satisfaction in getting the forecast or setting an alarm.  They are actually capable of some useful playing Cat Country.

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