Greg Gianforte was officially sworn in yesterday (Monday 1/4) as the 25th Governor of the state of Montana, and today signed his first executive order in Helena.

According to the press release, Governor Gianforte signed the order to establish a "Red Tape Relief Task Force," which will "identify excessive, outdated, and unnecessary regulations."

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The task force will be led by Lt. Governor Kristen Juras, and present its findings and proposals to Governor Gianforte by August 1, 2021, according to the press release.

The message from Montana small business owners, farmers, and ranchers has been loud and clear: unnecessary red tape is out of control, and they need help. Today we’re taking our first steps to provide them with much needed red tape relief, and I’m grateful to Lieutenant Governor Juras for leading the charge. -Governor Greg Gianforte

According to the executive order, the purpose for the task force will include the identification of the following:

  • excessive, outdated, and unnecessary regulations
  • regulations that are especially burdensome to Montana's farmers, ranchers, and business owners
  • regulations that disproportionately impact small businesses
  • appropriate quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure implementation of regulatory reform within each agency

The executive order also says the council will "cease to exist on December 31, 2021," unless the order is renewed, and that council members receive "reasonable travel expense reimbursement" allowed under Montana law.

CLICK HERE to read the complete Executive Order No. 1-2021 from Governor Gianforte.

Governor Gianforte also announced today (1/5) his nominee to lead the Montana Department of Corrections. In the press release, Governor Gianforte said "I’m proud to nominate Sheriff (Brian) Gootkin to join our team to change the culture at the Department of Corrections and help the agency better serve the people of Montana."

For the complete press release about the nomination of Sheriff Brian Gootkin, CLICK HERE.

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