Many people think there are things we no longer need to learn since technology has us covered.  Why bother learning things like calculating the volume of a cube or even being a decent speller when we have machines to give us the information or do the work for us?  I don't disagree that it's important to evolve with the times and I'm grateful for the tools we have, but we have to remember they're neither perfect nor a substitute for common sense.

I'm not being overly critical because I may have fallen into the same trap, but it's a good reminder to question technology if it seems like you're getting bad information.

There was a car accident in Aurora, CO on Sunday which caused some big traffic delays. Google Maps recommended a detour which turned out to be an unpaved, muddy road.  The road condition was bad enough for several cars to get stuck as other Google influenced drivers piled in behind them.  The grand total was nearly 100 cars in this field according to CNN.

If I were stuck in traffic and my phone told me it had a plan to get me out, I might throw a Hail Mary and go for it no matter how weird it seemed ( least we're moving, right?) - but it's a good reminder that you can't just blindly follow the advice of technology (even Google gets in wrong sometimes).


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