Bluegrass is definitely not the most popular genre of music, but even people that wouldn't necessarily listen to it in their car can usually appreciate seeing these talented musicians in person. These break neck speed guitar and banjo licks might not be mainstream country, but they certainly inspire some of country music's best pickers. If you haven't given this style of music a shot, I would recommend doing so.

This Sunday, November 22, two bluegrass bands will be playing the Garage at Yellowstone Valley Brewing: Head For The Hills and Trout Steak Revival. These are both highly respected, award winning bluegrass groups. This is not a free show, but if you're a bluegrass fan, or just looking to broaden your musical horizons, I think it's worth the 12 bucks for a ticket.

The video above is a whole set performed by Head For The Hills. Not quite as good as seeing them live, but it should definitely give you a preview of what's happening Sunday.

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