When I was growing up, my family typically had a dog or two.  We had some cats every now and then, but I wouldn't call them pets...more like exterminators.  Currently, I don't live in a place that would be much fun for a dog, so I have a cat filling the pet void.  Actually, I like this thing way more than I ever thought possible.  He has some great dog-like qualities - he meets me at the door when I come home...wants a quick couple of pets to acknowledge him, then he's done.  Since owning him, I now realize how needy dogs are in comparison.  Dogs want to be part of the pack.  With cats, that desire for unity just kind of comes and goes on a whim.

This cat does a great job at grooming himself.  He's never had a haircut or a bath, yet he appears shiny and new and actually smells better than most any dog I've encountered.  I think if I tried to bathe or groom him, it would likely end our friendship.

When I heard we were doing a "cutest dog" contest instead of a "cutest pet" contest, I thought we might be cutting out a lot of pet owners, but the prize isn't necessarily suited for cats anyway.  If your dog pic is voted as cutest, you'll get some great stuff for your dog from Paws and Claws, including play time, grooming, teeth brushing, etc.  Keep an eye out because the voting starts soon.

Enjoy your pet!

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